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We connect high-tech founders with a diverse pool of pro-bono mentors - experts in intellectual property, manufacturing, human resources, product and business development. Mentors in the network dedicate a few hours of support to the network each month and agree not to sell to or take equity in a company as part of a formal mentor agreement.

We also host dozens of events each year in an effort to celebrate major milestones and raise awareness of major obstacles and solutions within the startup environment. These events yield new collaborations and introductions to potential founders and teams.

What People Say


Nathan Barnett

CEO of Swarmify

"When Florida investors hear you're working with Groundswell. It adds confidence to their potential investment."


Michelle Crawford

CEO of Society+

"There were a lot of gaps outside the fashion industry where we did not have a lot of experience. Groundswell is a resource we continue to use to fill those gaps and to discover new talent and resources."

Bryan Jenks

Founder of Droplit

"The expertise, tools, and credibility provided by Groundswell have been crucial and invaluable. The network you can build here is second-to-none."

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