We are a community

A brief overview

Nestled just outside of Downtown Melbourne, Groundswell HQ is a skatepark-turned-coworking-space.  Our riverside facility is a great spot to watch launches or put your head down and get stuff done.  Since June 2015, Groundswell has connected with more than 50 companies in the Space Coast area and helped 9 startups secure funding.


Joining the Groundswell network means gaining access to resources and workshops specifically tailored to your needs.  From workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to test their aptitude to growing companies finding proven strategies to scale, Groundswell is here to help.


Groundswell pairs early-stage companies with experts who know the industry and are ready to help. With mentors ranging from business strategy to manufacturing to raising capital, Groundswell has the resources for you to ideate, start and grow.


Why work in a coffee shop when you can access free coffee and beer, surf the fastest Wifi in town and collaborate with other local entrepreneurs, all from a riverside space within walking distance of Downtown Melbourne's many bars and restaurants.


Something's always going on at Groundswell.  Featured Founder Talks, Lightning Discussions and more in-depth roundtables offer unique perspectives, key expert insights and opportunities for founders to share their challenges and receive an outside opinion.