Tech Takeover: Drones, the Future & What you can do to Keep up

Wednesday, March 13th 2019 at 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Drones are typically associated with camera work and surveillance, but are shaping up to be so much more. Drones are finding new roles in thousands of unexpected industries and transforming what productivity looks like for the future workforce, with an economic impact of $100 billion by 2020.

March 13, learn how drones are changing industries across the board and what those changes will look like in the near future.

Brian Pitre, Co-Founder and Chairman of SkyOp will talk how drones are changing the workforce and what it takes to become a commercial drone operator, including recent FAA changes and how you can provide input and comments to their adoption. Brian will also give an overview on SkyOps’ ground-breaking curriculum, now being adopted by high schools, colleges and the US Department of Labor - Job Corps to teach the skills necessary for commercial drone operation.

And Tomahawk Robotics’ Director of Engineering, Scott Bowman, will discuss multi-domain robotic control. He will address recent industry trends in UAV control as well as emerging robotic technologies. He will discuss his work in developing Tomahawk Robotics’ product line, Kinesis, and how it bridges common remote system technology standards such as MAVLINK and ROS.

About our speakers:

Brian Pitre | Co-Founder and Chairman, SkyOp

Brian Pitre serves as Co-Founder and Chairman of SkyOp, the first drone training company in the US to become an authorized FAA Knowledge Testing Center delivering all FAA tests. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Brian is a 40-year veteran of the computer and information technology industry.

Scott Bowman | Director of Engineering, Tomahawk Robotics

Scott Bowman has more than a decade of experience designing, building and testing electro-mechanical systems in the field of aerial and ground robotics. Scott specializes in embedded electronics, software control systems and integration.