We are on a mission to democratize robotics. From intuitive user interfaces to plug and play interoperability solutions - we are driving a fundamentally different approach to robotics that disrupts the current cost equation of adoption and deployment.

We are committed to transforming how we monitor blood sugar to improve the lives of diabetics and, in the future, help people prevent diabetes.

NOHBO was formed to combat excess bottle waste, and to create a superior line of eco-friendly personal care products that lather, cleanse and nourish without a compromise to quality, sustainability, or performance.

Provide weather forecast accuracy for guaranteed success; provides weather decision support services to other small businesses

A health and lifestyle product for pets. It’s all about their enrichment and well-being. The human is able to sit back and enjoy, while their best friend engages in an exhausting two-minute game of capture the flag.

Promotes interoperable systems and services using open standards and next generation technologies for a more efficient and better connected aviation of the future

Developing a fully-automated Gunfire Detection System that provides crucial information to first responders in seconds

Deliver innovative, proactive mental health for individuals, schools, businesses, athletics and government agencies

Provides innovative packaging solutions and unique buying opportunities for our customers and by supporting the environment through offering renewable and recyclable packaging products.

Brings decades of rugged military electronics design, production and sustainment experience and couples the experience with the agility of a small business to solve challenges with state-of-the-art technology


A peripheral for firearms. Attaches to the rail of a firearm to provide vision through a mobile phone app, including night-vision and audio/video recording.

Tackle big problems with science and engineering. Where others see roadblocks, they see an opportunity to apply their technology.

Own shares of actual space startups while investing in the future of humanity.

A SaaS platform designed for proposal tracking and differentiated customer experience. Focused effort closes more deals, so get notified in real-time instead of chasing people with endless follow ups.

An API that connects IoT services and hardware, without all of the headache of custom software development.

Educational technology company powering a blended learning approach to computer science, engineering, and cybersecurity curriculum for students and educators.

Focuses on strategy-based web design, brand identity design, and digital marketing. They believe your website should be more than just the digital home for your business.

Hackers, reverse engineers, developers, teachers, game-players, and problem solvers who are passionate about security, gaming, and where the two intersect.

Creating technologies that combine control surfaces and propulsion into a single solution, driven through advanced software and electronics. These technologies provide benefits in efficiency, maneuverability, capability, and safety.

Aides young professionals and business owners alike by coaching them to become influential leaders. Using a unique system, she combines character strengths and core values to help them create a culture of engagement, which fosters predictable results and accountability.

Indoor navigation using Computer vision with augmented reality.

A marketplace platform for hiring professional session musicians, vocalists and audio engineers online with a mission to give musicians the freedom, resources and opportunities to manifest their creative vision and share it with the world.

Provides engineering consultation and product design for the outdoor, power sport and aerospace & defense industries.

Brings affordable, efficient and non-invasive heart screenings to communities across the country.

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