Pardon Our Progress!

July 2020

If you come into Groundswell Startups, you might notice the addition of four 3D printers hard at work producing controller parts for SwiftPaws Home. It has been exciting to see the production process come together, and we've ...

It's Great To Be Back

June 2020

It is great to be back at Groundswell Startups and to see so many of our members working in the building. What I enjoy so much about being part of this community is that it will always ...

Groundbreakings, SwiftPaws, The Latest

May 2020

Like so many of you, Groundswell and our companies are working to adjust to this 'new normal.' We've missed seeing everyone, we've missed being in the building, but we continue to push ...

We are a Community of Problem Solvers

April 2020

Uncertainty and unprecedented are two words that have quickly become part of our everyday vocabulary. COVID-19 is challenging us all and for many of us, creating a sense of ...

Expansions, Launches      & More!

March 2020

It has been a great month for Groundswell and our companies! Over the past three months, we've seen a lot of growth in our co-working space with new members bringing skills and ...

Groundswell Ready for Take Off 2020

Jan/Feb 2020

Groundswell is ready for an exciting 2020 as we celebrate the success and growth of our startup companies. Since 2016, Groundswell companies have raised over 25 million dollars in ...


Hire Llama, The Matchmaker for Startups

July 9, 2020

You never know whom you might meet at Groundswell Startups, but you can be assured that their background and talent will always surprise and impress you. Meet Javier Dutan, Cofounder of Hire Llama. Javier relocated to Melbourne from...

Intern + 3D Printer = Problem Solved

July 9, 2020

Groundswell member SwiftPaws was partway through their latest production run when they hit a bit of a snag - the remote controller for their signature product needed to be redesigned and quick! Enter Feyza Boyun...

Meet Jeremy - The Box Maker, CEO & Founder of Givr Packaging

June 9, 2020

Jeremy started in the paper industry at 17, working on recycled commercial products. From there, he started working in the packaging industry as an engineer and helped develop ...

Meet Quentin, Groundswell Mentor and CEO of Digital Banzai

June 9, 2020

Quentin Shock, CEO of Digital Banzai, is a longtime Groundswell Mentor, and during our last Virtual Member Meetup offered free website design services to a company needing extra support ...

SwiftPaws raises $500K,
Launches Product Expansion

April 21, 2020

SwiftPaws, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that manufactures and markets pet products, today announced the closing of a $500,000 seed round of funding and issuance ...

Hey, Blue!
Connecting Citizens & Law Enforcement

April 29, 2020

Through a collaborative partnership with the Melbourne Police Department and Brevard Public Schools, Hey, Blue! hosts Preschool Storytime to VPK classrooms with police officers ...

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