Perspectives from a Tech Fellow

By fumiko shinkawa | April 22, 2019

Guest post by Kevin Zhou, FSU Tech Fellow and Former Groundswell Intern Other than having my face stuck in a textbook, I spent most of my college years going to…

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So, you’re hiring your first interns.

By fumiko shinkawa | April 22, 2019

Or, if you’re thinking about interning for a startup, check out Perspectives from a Tech Fellow by former Groundswell Intern, Kevin Zhou. For a startup with three team members and…

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Building your Brand: a Case Study with Michelle Burke and Bossibly

By fumiko shinkawa | March 29, 2019

Creating a brand is one of the first steps to marketing your company. Your brand is the first impression a potential customer (or investor) gets of your company and its…

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Don’t quit your day job (yet). Do these things first.

By fumiko shinkawa | February 5, 2019

Side hustles are on the rise — according to a 2018 Bankrate survey, more than 37% of Americans are working on the side and that number is only growing. With 51% of…

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Why Startups Need to Measure KPIs & How to Get Started with Dashboards and Scorecards

By fumiko shinkawa | September 13, 2018

Guest post by Ryan Shelley, Groundswell Mentor and CGO & Founder of Shelley Media Arts. Do you know if your marketing and growth plan for your startup is actually working? While…

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Everything you need to know before your first hackathon.

By fumiko shinkawa | August 29, 2018

When you imagine a hackathon, you may picture sleepy developers tapping at keyboards into the early morning, fraught with nervous energy and physical exhaustion. Did we just have a great…

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So, you’re cowork-curious.

By fumiko shinkawa | June 26, 2018

Here’s everything you need to know. Coworking has exploded in recent years, with a 78% growth in active coworkers in 2017. But what is coworking actually? Coworking, according to the…

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Growth in the Groundswell Community

By fumiko shinkawa | May 15, 2018

Mike Crown, President and CEO of FracTEL, sat in a tea shop for almost four hours, mentoring Adam Hoffmann, a new transplant to the Space Coast, in the basics of…

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Celebrating One Year at Groundswell HQ

By fumiko shinkawa | April 23, 2018

Celebrating One Year at Groundswell HQ One year ago, on March 25, Groundswell HQ opened its hangar doors to the public for the first time. More than four hundred technologists,…

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Is Your Startup Idea too Good to be True?

By fumiko shinkawa | February 12, 2018

Three Space Coast founders talk market validation and steps they use to assess demand for their new ideas. Many consider validation to be the most important step in starting a company.…

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